Food Service

Cooking and Heating

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Propane Cooker w/20lb Tank
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Stock Pot 80-QT
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Stock Pot Basket 80-QT
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Cambro Carrier
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Warming Oven On Wheels
Please note: warming oven is non-electric. The rental comes with 10 sheet pans and 1 water/food pan + 5 Sterno heating gel cans
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5 Foot Charcoal Grill
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Sheet Pan, Full Size
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Rechaud w/ Butane
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Heat Lamp-2 Light
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Food Rack, w/ 10 Sheet Pans
Vollrath mixing bowl stock image 3 qt jp
Food Pan, 3-QT
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Food Pan, 4-QT
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Food Pan, 8-QT
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Food Pan, 15-QT

Chafing Dishes

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Hammered Silver 3-QT Round
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Silver 3-QT Round
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Silver 4-QT Square
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Stainless Steel 8-QT
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Silver 8-QT. Rectangle
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8-QT Drainage Rack
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Hammered Silver 8-QT